Google Home Action
How to create a custom private Google Home Action with API.AI and Google App Engine
Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It has already built-in actions but it is also possible to add customized actions. My tutorial details step by step how to build an Assistant Action and how to keep it private.
basis peak
Mobile Software Engineer @ Intel Corporation
Basis Peak is an advanced fitness and sleep tracker with a continuous heart rate monitoring and smartwatch features.
During my first couple of months at Intel, I maintained and improved the Basis Peak Android application.
project s-mars
With the collaboration of Mario Di Dio, PhD
This is an home automation project based on Arduino.
We bought an Etekcity Zap Remote Control and Outlet set and we attached the remote to an Arduino Yun. Some lines of code in Arduino, some relays on the board and that's it! We can control our remote with our Android application or with just talking with our Google Home device.

Development OS: Mac
IDEs: Android Studio & Arduino
Languages: Java, XML, C++, Node.js, Json
External tools: Google Cloud & API.AI
The idea of learning HTML and CSS program languages took form with the creation of my personal website. I started from a blank page, but when I realized that a responsive code was needed I rebuit the website with Bootstrap and Adaptive Image to make it looking cool also on small screen devices.
The webpage is hosted on my Raspberry Pi.

Operating System: Raspbian
Web Server: Apache
Mail Server: Postfix
Languages: HTML&CSS

nfc reader
NFC is a short range wireless connectivity technology and I decide to build this Android application for learning how to use the Android framework APIs that support NFC features. In fact, this application can detect NFC tags and reads the information contained into NDEF and IsoDep tags.

Development OS: Mac OS X
IDE: Android Studio
Languages: Java, XML
garage radio
This Android application is a pocket Italian rock webradio controller. It streams "Garage Radio" station and includes also a live chat to be connected with the speakers and the followers! I buit the app in just two days under the request of a friend that wanted an easy access to her favorite webradio with her Android smartphone.

Development OS: Windows
IDE: Android Studio
Languages: Java, XML
find your words
I was attending a English class and each Monday morning my teacher integrated the vocabulary chapter with a crossword puzzle, to play with the words, to learn them faster... and it worked! Basically I took inspiration from that game to write my first Android application available in the play store. Give it a try! Insert some words that you hardly remember and see how fast you will improve your vocabulary by finding them!
Are you learning a new language? Try this and make it fun!

Development OS: Windows
IDE: Eclipse
Languages: Java, XML
postural control system
Mobile Software Engineer Intern @ Intecs S.p.A
A screenshot from my B.E. degree thesis and my first Android application built inside the Intecs S.p.A labs. It is from here that my inseparable love for Android and for UI design started.

Development OS: Ubuntu
IDE: Eclipse
Languages: Java, XML
Image Editors: GIMP, Blender
Software Propretary and Copyright: Intecs S.p.A.
naval battle
This was a class project developed during my bachelor degree course. It is a client/server application based on peer2peer paradigm. The server and the client are mono-process and use the multiplexing I/O (api _select) to manage simultaneously the input and the output.
Programming a game proves every time being the best way to learn new concepts.

Development OS: Ubuntu
Language: C++
notes of computer engineering
Studying from a book is not enough for overcoming a university exam and so personal notes as well as from those collegues that were not asleep during the lessons are essentials . This is a little database for software engineering courses at University of Pisa that helps new students to find and use notes that preceding students made during the long nights preparing the exams.

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